California Tentative Rulings Database

CalRulings is a searchable tentative rulings database. Use CalRulings to view tentative rulings issued by your Judge.1 While a tentative ruling is a Judge’s proposed ruling in law and motion matters, it is the Judge’s first impression of how to resolve the disputed issues and often becomes the Judge’s final ruling.

Craft More Persuasive Motions

CalRulings also makes it possible to easily locate the underlying motion papers addressed by the tentative ruling. To locate the motion papers, simply plug in the case number from the tentative ruling into the corresponding Superior Court’s search bar. CalRulings contains a direct link to the Court’s online public records search bar. The motion papers provide further insight into which arguments your Judge finds persuasive.

1 The tentative rulings database currently covers Fresno County Superior Court & Los Angeles County Superior Court.


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